Capt. Mike is incredibly patient, knowledgable and responsible, not only regarding the children but also the ocean. He teaches kids to fish but he also teaches how to do it responsibly.
Six years ago, I sent my 4-year-old son for the first time with Capt. Mike (what was I thinking!) but there was something about Capt. Mike that made me feel comfortable with my only child.
My son has been going to fishing camp ever since, most summers for about 6 weeks, and he doesn’t get tired, instead he misses when he can’t fish with Capt. Mike.
The mates are a riot! The kids have a lot of fun and enjoy spending time with them.
My son is now 10 and he has learned so much, that when we go anywhere fishing, he ends up teaching kids and grownups how to fish.
I highly recommend Capt. Mike and his crew, they work very hard to put you on fish and make you time on the water memorable, my son can’t wait for 2013 fishing camp to start!

Patricia Sbroggio

If your child is like our son Jason and he or she loves to fish, Captain Mike’s Summer School of Fish is the greatest gift you could possibly give them. Our son, who is now 11, has participated in about 4 to 5 weeks every summer for the last few years and he just can’t get enough. Captain Mike and his mates are great with the kids and the fishing is amazing – sails, snapper, king, tuna, and more.

Eric S. Kleinman